Please join me for an evening of art-making and Focusing which will include a focus on our connection to our environment, the truth of our situation and our urge to protect nature.

This month I managed to get myself to Preston New Road anti fracking site near Blackpool. Every time I’m there I’m impressed by the dedication of the water protectors and their capacity to endure police and security staff brutality – and now also a cold wet winter. There is emotional work to be done when you face the truth of the situation you live in. But the worse emotional damage is caused by pretending reality is otherwise than your being knows it to be. “What is true is already so. Owning up to it doesn’t make it worse. Not being open about it doesn’t make it go away. And because it is true it is what is there to be interacted with. People can stand what is true for they are already enduring it.” Eugene Gendlin (founder of the Focusing method)

This next workshop offering will include an opportunity to feel into our relationship with climate change and our blocks to action. This will be woven into our usual meditative focusing and art making. The workshop is suitable for Focusing beginners as well as seasoned Focusers. It is suitable for those who have attended this workshop before and those who are new to it. I’ll look forward to welcoming you.
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A gorgeous week of deep sharing and thinking about nature rising in us and all around us to protect itself. How do we come into line with protecting and valuing the life inside and around us? How do we start to know its huge value for our own well-being? I think it’s by taking time to notice the life surging up in you or desperately trying to get your attention, the life around that is expressing itself more and more strongly as it asks for your attention. Noticing just how it flows in us and around us is the first step. The second step is trusting it. Trust that this invisible impetus flowing through you and around you will lead you in the right direction. I hope to make these Meditative Focusing and art-making workshops monthly. If you would like to sign up to my mailing list so you get advance notice please let me know. These workshops will be book in advance only from now on.

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Please join me for a Focusing and Meditative art making workshop on Friday 26th October 6-7pm at Torriano Meeting House as part of a collaborative event with Pilar Awa. Just turn up with your own art making materials for this taster session and enjoy a meditative art making practice. Suggested art materials: a pencil and a piece of paper! Easy and clean!
About the event:
Voices and textures from the Mountain
Torriano Meeting House (London), 99 Torriano Avenue, NW5 2RX
26th , 27th and 28th October at 6pm

Collaboration between Alex Brew and Pilar Awa
Sounds and Songs inspired by and written in the Pyrenees mountains surrounded by images of nature paintings and photographs

Todo canta. Everything sings. It feels like the mountain too and that all beings dwelling on her ground are also singers. The seen and the unseen *
This performance is a set of songs written and performed by Pilar about the land, the folk, the water, the people. Alex brings paintings from the world inside and around her. It’s about what happens to us when we open our eyes, our ears, our inner senses to the beauty around us.
Pilar Awa is a singer and songwriter. She works in community education and regeneration projects. She uses the practices of meditation and Deep listening -inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh- for her daily life, community work and increasingly for song writing. She is building a home in the Catalan Pyrenees
Alex Brew is a British Focusing Association Focusing Practitioner. She combines Focusing and an active art practice where she develops her appreciation for all aspects of the world including trees , mountains and everything that is felt but not visible. She believes that in a world where powerful governmental and corporate forces are making us manageable and distancing us from life in every way possible, developing resilience in our inner lives, and community lives is vital.

Each day the performance will be a bit different.
There will be a Focusing & Art workshop taster at 6pm on Friday 26th for one hour before the singing. For info visit about Focusing:
Entrance by donation (suggested minimum £5 but please give generously) ****************************************************************

Focusing: A Gateway to Happiness
Join me for a journey in Focusing at Walworth Garden Farm in south London (near Elephant and Castle)

This will be a ten hour workshop over 2 days so you can get some real depth and practice of Focusing.
There are some free places if you book early! Normal cost £70
Book here

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A creative healing introduction to Art and Meditative Focusing. This workshop will give you an introduction to a mind body meditative practice known as “Focusing” and combine it with a gentle creative practice – providing an opening to create from your ready and waiting inner world.

  • Basic materials provided but please bring your own if you prefer (no toxic art materials please).
  • This workshop is not suitable for young children as some concentration is needed.
  • COST: £13 or £10 concessions (no proof needed for concession, you are invited to pay the rate you can afford)


                                                     ABOUT ALEX BREW

Alex Brew is a British Focusing Association (BFA) Focusing Practitioner and is an insured and qualified member of the BFA. She introduces Focusing to individuals and groups.

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