I was standing on a hilltop having climbed for an hour through lines of cultivated forest. My mind and body and soul were grinding a particular problem. The endless seeming rows of trees, straight, narrow, rough symbolised it just right. As I rounded the top of the hill I looked back to my left and there was a field of waving energetically moving dancing grass covering the slope. The grass was giggly full of life. Something in me knew this was the exact feel of what it would be if this whole thing was resolved. This would be the new feel and exact energy in my body. That was the symbol for my way forward. And it wasn’t just a symbol by looking at it I was able to feel it in my body and really experience the feel of it. That brought a sigh of relief and a way forward. In the same way, even if not out in nature, your body can sometimes offer you images and other symbols that exactly get just how it feels for you now and just what’s needed.